20m2 Room near uni. Great location.

Name Vermieter: Yangyue Pan
Telefon Vermieter: +43 68110498549
E-Mail Vermieter: yangyue.pan@stud.unileoben.ac.at
Hinzugefügt 13.10.2020


This flat has three rooms and a big balcony. There are two bathrooms ans two toilets which allows you to use them very conveniently. The room is in very good condition with 20 m2 area. It has all necessary furniture in side. Those can be transferred with a good price.


Miete inkl. BK (€) 308,00
Maklerprovision (€) 0
Kaution (€) 850,00
Wohnfläche (m²) 77,00
Anzahl Zimmer 1
Beziehbar ab November 2020


Peter-Tunner Strasse 11, 8700 Leoben