20 qm² room in 3 er WG also for SHORT TERM rent !

Name Vermieter: Tanja Hofer
Telefon Vermieter: +4367761439133
E-Mail Vermieter: igelcontact@yahoo.com
Hinzugefügt 06.10.2020


What makes this apartment so special is the fact that I provide everything for free. Tenants who are only looking for a room for a few weeks or months are in the right place. You can move in completely uncomplicated and fast and EVERYTHING is ready for you IMMEDIATELY. Similar to an Airbnb apartment, you only need to arrive with your clothes because everything else is taken care of. No matter if you need detergent for the washing machine, toilet paper, taps for the dishwasher, bedding and bed linen, towels, coffee, tea, WLAN, cable TV, electricity, heating etc. Once a day the kitchen and the bathroom will be cleaned and disinfected and if you have to take all these little things with you or buy them locally, the price of 400€ is very fair. Also because the room is very large (20qm²) and newly furnished with a large, bright workstation and fast, stable WLAN. There are no extra costs for the rental contract and short-term tenants are also welcome. Just call and ask ! There is always a solution. You can also come by and see everything live or you can search for my ad on Airbnb and get an idea of what I have to offer with lots of photos and further information. Just search on the platform in Leoben under the title "Glück Auf! In the center of Leoben (room 20qm²)" and you will find the room.Everything you see on the pictures you can expect in real also.


Miete inkl. BK (€) 400,00
Maklerprovision (€) 0
Kaution (€) 000,00
Wohnfläche (m²) 95,00
Anzahl Zimmer 4
Beziehbar ab 1.11.2020


Krottendorfergasse 5 8700 Leoben/Stadt